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If you have traveled to tropical countries you have certainly heard about it. Snorkeling is an activity that deserves to be developed in France because it requires little equipment and offers the possibility, without special training, to observe the marine fauna. A Practice for All No one is obliged to know how to swim to… Keep Reading

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Where to go Diving in China?

A trip to China is always a unique experience to live at least once in a lifetime. However, apart from cultural or gastronomic visits, there are also stays at the sea or lake which are also very interesting in China. For this we invite you to share with family or friends unforgettable moments by diving… Keep Reading

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Different types of rebreathers

We have seen in a previous article (see "Rebreather: advantages and disadvantages") what a rebreather is of scuba diving with the basic principles, its interest and also its limits. We will try to introduce you in a slightly more advanced way the different types of recyclers.What exists ?As you have just seen, there is not only… Keep Reading

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Which method of mooring the line choose in cave diving?

From rifi line... to the land of cavernophiles! (Article archive of Frank VASSEUR published in the October-October issue of Octopus magazine) The current enthusiasm for underwater diving, stimulated by digital communication, its development beyond the circle of passionate explorers, has globalized information, techniques and knowledge. Practitioners from the same activity, working in distinct areas of… Keep Reading

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Starting Cave Diving With IANTD Agency

Starting cave diving with IANTD agency Formerly reserved for a small minority of extreme divers, underwater diving is becoming increasingly popular, thanks in particular to the social networks on which more and more photos and videos circulate all the more attractive one than the others. The "cave diving" opens up new opportunities for exploration, another… Keep Reading

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