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Going natural, a not-so-easy adjustment!

Today we are constantly bombarded with information via social networks, and the media about pollution and pollutants present in certain cosmetics. Conventional shampoos are one of them. Despite all this information, many of us still use these shampoos. Is it the price? Is it the ease of purchase in supermarkets? Not being accompanied enough by… Keep Reading

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Resolutions – How to be a responsible consumer in 2021?

This well-known plastic, developed in 1913, offering revolutionary properties such as flexibility, impermeability and durability, was an innovation that has today invaded the market. It has changed our habits and, more than ever, is omnipresent in our daily lives. What was not taken into account at the beginning of the last century was its poor… Keep Reading

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Interview with Matthieu Lapinski, ecologist and president of the Ailerons Association

From June to December 2020, we supported in two formats, the Ailerons association. The first, and which made it possible to launch the partnership, was the scientific expedition they led off Corsica. The goal of this week-long trip? Observe, understand, and place tags on Mobula mobula rays. Obviously, within the Click-Dive team, when Benoit Verdeille,… Keep Reading

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Posidonia, A marine plant with multiple powers

Being ocean lovers like us, we cannot ignore it. Green in the water, dried up on our beaches, giving us an unpleasant sensation on our legs when we get out from our swim, Posidonia is the lung of the Earth! Often named by default “Algae”, it remains nevertheless a marine plant. This invaluable and irreplaceable… Keep Reading

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Meeting with Sabine Meneut, co-founder of “Palana Environnement”

On a sunny afternoon, the Click-Dive editorial team travelled not far from Aix-en-Provence to meet Sabine Meneut, the co-founder of the Palana Environnement association. I was received in a totally atypical placeand for good reason, everything here is made from recycled materials! A window taken from an old motorhome, furniture created with the wood from the… Keep Reading

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