savon de Marseille
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The story of the famous savon de Marseille

Soap recipes were found written on Egyptian papyrus, however, it is believed that its original production was mainly developed around the Mediterranean basin. The travels have shaped the savon de Marseille Thanks to the crusades, the soap made in Syria from olive oil and bay leaf oil, salt, soda and water, reached the shores of… Keep Reading

Cestmed tortue centre de soin
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The care center for sea turtles in the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is a large basin covering an area of approximately 2.6 million km2 and represents 1% of the total ocean surface. Rich in animal and plant life, it is home to 7% of the world’s marine biodiversity. Among the animals living in its waters, six species of marine turtles are considered threatened or… Keep Reading

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Click-Dive 2020 year in review

Despite the health crisis, the gloomy atmosphere and the lack of human contact, we were able to adjust and bounce back! Many changes have taken place during this particular year of 2020, however we still have some great announcements to make! Here’s a small summary of 2020 to close this year. Starting 2020 with signs… Keep Reading

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HappyToDive – New game for desaturation

En cette période de confinement à cause du Covid19 vous êtes certainement en manque de plongée. Grâce à Michel DE WAEL et son jeu innovant nous vous présentons une solution pour réviser vos connaissances, vous divertir et même participer à la construction de ce projet. Nous vous laissons découvrir de quoi il s’agit au travers… Keep Reading

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