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You have just obtained your first diver certification, you want to be able to control your diving parameters and you are looking for your first computer?

We will try to advise you and even refer the choices of the more experienced divers.

There is a very wide range of diving computers available. We will see what for us must enter first into your choice. In our humble opinion there is no point in putting a lot of money into your first dive computer; The "watch" models in very beautiful design are often not equipped with a very visible screen, and then the computer is used to dive; We do not go in nightclub with. We advise you to buy something simple and robust first and foremost; A first price model, but which proposes at least bi-gas with nitrox up to 99% (management of two mixtures to take oxygen breathing into bearings if necessary). The second very important aspect is to take a computer for which the battery can be changed (it is often enough for a coin and be careful that the seal is clean before closing the compartment for Perform the manipulation). This feature makes when you travel you will always have your computer ready; Even if the day before you go diving or when you equip you realize that the energy level is too low you will not miss your exit.

With this specification you should find the computer that will accompany you for many years in your immersions until you consider maybe one day the trimix dive (see article« Increase safety with mixtures ») Or use a rebreather (see article « Rebreather: advantages and disadvantages »). And even when you do leisure dives your first computer will still make you many services believe us. If you absolutely want a high-end model to please you, then we will tell you to choose a computer with reliable reputation, still able to change the battery yourself, and that manages the constant oxygen partial pressure (recyclers) And trimix.

At the moment we will tend to buy a Cressi Archimedes 2 or nine diving computers like Mares Puck Pro, Mares Nemo Wide 2 (for those with vision problems) Simple and not too expensive, or the Shearwater Petrel 2 which is the ultimate diving computers that offers a very simple leisure mode. In all cases, all the dive computers available on the market will ensure the calculation of the safety curve and thus of the no-decompression limit or of the bearings in a very safe way.

The Click-Dive team, a dedicated diving reservation site, wishes you a wonderful dive.

Brice MASI

Photographs by Gregory MERCE


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