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You've never done scuba diving before and you're wondering why you want to get into this environment that was not originally ours? You've always dreamed one day of breathe underwater watching documentaries or the wonderful world of Nemo? This article should enlighten you on what motivates the divers, on their sensations under the water ...

First of all what you need to know is that you do not encounter oppression in diving, on the contrary! The immensity of the sea gives a feeling of absolute freedom. And how lucky to be able to observe closely this unusual and fragile life for us small terrestrial animals. Whether it is tropical turtles, Manta rays, Mediterranean groupers, or just all of the fish that inhabit our seas, oceans, and fresh waters, the moment is magic every time.

Apart from the scientific aspect and the marine adventure full of discoveries, many are the practitioners who praise this particular well being when we are immersed. First of all the calm; Finished the parasitic noises of the city; One finds the serenity of the full nature as one could have also in the mountain. Then comes an impression of flying, well-balanced with his vest stabilizer we find ourselves between two waters like a fish in the water. Freed from gravity we can move in three dimensions a bit like astronauts. We become aquanauts. Some go so far as to say that we are returning somewhat to our fetal development in this fluid environment, as if we were once again sheltered inside our mother's womb. It is very quickly observed that our breathing controls our downhills and ascents, it is the phenomenon of ballast lungs. Finally, with the experience you will feel the glide, water is no longer a constraint for your movements that become very pleasant. Relaxing, diving could be like a form of yoga in some way.

Now that you know the happiness that a dive can provide, do not hesitate to contact a club near you or your next vacation spot. Take the step by performing a discovery diving (cf article « The discovery scuba diving course ») and welcome to the world of silence!

The Click-Dive team, a dedicated diving reservation site, wishes you a wonderful dives.

Brice MASI

Pictures by Sébastien SCALA

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