Does the Suunto Eon Core deserve to be known?

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Dear divers,

I had the opportunity thanks to the meeting of the Beuchat team, to have in my hands and for you, one of their latest dive computers they distribute in France; the Eon Core of the internationally known brand: Suunto.

So I had the opportunity to test it in various configurations. Before giving you my feeling during these dives I must quickly enlighten you on the specificities of this device that attracted me. It has been introduced to me as including the main functions of Eon Steel’s big brother that some may already know, but with a makeover to make it fully grounded in the era of time.

I spare you the redite of the technical sheet which is available online if you want to consult it.

In summary we have:

– A new clear display

– A modern design of three different colors

– USB rechargeable battery power

– Mobile connectivity and mobile application for data exploitation

Multigas management nitrox, trimix and constant partial pressure

– A maximum depth of use of 80m

Handling at sea from the edge

I had in my hands the model with the white and black case (the most beautiful in my eyes). For comparison I dipped in these tests with a solid reference, my trusty Petrel computer from Shearwater that I like a lot but looks much less aesthetic. What also changes is the weight, the computer Eon Core is very light (154 g) and can be forgotten on the wrist. Bracelet level is simple and effective, no difficulty to tie around my tight even with dry suit. The setting on the other hand without reading the user manual before (it’s not good I know …), it is not completely intuitive but by groping we can quickly go around the menus and buttons are easily manipulated with gloves.

The first dive was made on a holiday morning last month at the Calanque de Callelongue in Marseille national park with my companion Gregory who happily put a memory card in his camera that day and was able to make this little video situation.

And if we looked at what it gives in fresh water underground …

It was this time during an underground dive in Ardèche that I went with the Eon Core. The objective of the day was to film the cavity up to 40m and still in the air in the Goul du pont, a major site for lovers of the discipline that we will soon present you in more detail soon. So I hope you will forgive me the perfectible images of the computer that I propose here. On this dive I loved in the complete darkness the possibility to monitor my settings easily behind my video equipment and without doing stray movements to the image. I did not like the reading of the screen when I put the 6000 lumens of my BigBlue headlights on it compared to the Petrel. On the other hand with my little frontal light no reflection with the Eon Core and its algorithm was much less penalizing in the air than my Petrel which made me 8min to overcome (basic settings Gradient Factors 30/70) against 2min with the Suunto without changing the basic settings.


Pushed further in rebreather mode! ..

For sorry tek readers you may be disappointed. I intend to make a trip to the thinner air with this dive computer, I will try to write you another report. However, I have not planned a trimix dive in the coming days and I will have to do it again, so I can not talk to you in this article about the mobile application’s operation but may be a next time .

So, is this device right for you?

To the question above I would answer no doubt yes on the condition that you do not make deep dives beyond 80m. It is ideal for first diving computer or to change model. I also forgot to tell you that different modes of display could be chosen which can be useful according to your vision.

In summary, here is the list of benefits that I found at Eon Core:

– it is a true jewel of technology. Yes it is very beautiful and we will love for the geeks his app!

– it is suitable for> 99% of dives made in the world (air, nitrox, trimix and recycler)

– it confers an excellent parameters reading (I have not yet tested better)

– It is offered at a very good price because of its capacity (699 euros indicative public price) where it should be added around 200 euros for a computer plus Tech to go deeper with


To conclude the Eon Core is a dive computer that deserves to be known and bought by those who have the budget whatever their levels if they do not provide very deep dives (beyond 80m). I have a habit of recommending something else like computers to divers (usually the first prizes to beginners) but these tests will have convinced me.

I would have kept it well if I could! And you, does it give you envy?

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See you soon for a new test!

Brice MASI


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