Click-Dive 2020 year in review

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Despite the health crisis, the gloomy atmosphere and the lack of human contact, we were able to adjust and bounce back!

Many changes have taken place during this particular year of 2020, however we still have some great announcements to make! Here’s a small summary of 2020 to close this year.

Starting 2020 with signs of change

Our founding members, Brice Masi and Bénédicte Aldebert, have chosen to start the year 2020 by following the Accélérateur M program and defining their new objectives. The first step was to invite Sabine Meneut to join them. Knowing each other through conferences, meeting at joint events and knowing each other’s project, the common values and ambition of each of the members made sense for the development of Click-Dive. For her part, she was already leading, together with Kevin Pinçon and Julien Richard, the GLOKIS project, hoping to create a company. The proposal to join Click-Dive was an excellent opportunity for both of them. Pooling skills and creating new synergies were the result of this new team! 

Containment, benefactor!

The announcement of the lockdown, contrary to what many have experienced, benefited the entire team. Indeed, we took the time to get to know each other better, to understand the workings of Click-Dive and to relaunch a new communication! Many highlights marked this period with the selection as a company with a positive impact on the territory by the IRCE, by integrating itself with companies committed to reducing plastic by signing the ZERO DECHET PLASTIC charter of the Regional Agency for Biodiversity and the Environment, and finally, by deploying the GLOKIS project.


We also received a grant for the development of digital technology tools, but we’ll tell you all about it in 2021!  We are preparing some nice surprises for you!

A strong year for le savon des plongeurs

Our eco-friendly brand “Le Savon des Plongeurs“, has expanded its range of soaps with the introduction of a new soap: the mask soap. Always in an environmentally responsible approach and zero plastic, this new small soap can be customised by companies!

With the development of 3 projects with high social and environmental impact, we needed to recruit an e-commerce apprentice, for the development of our brand!

Thus, since September, Vanille Van Der Cam, has joined us for 1 year or more ! Her values and her daily commitment to biodiversity are perfectly in line with ours. In charge of the logistics, sales and communication, it is with her that you will communicate with when you place an order on our store!

A new version of our website, the Divers Soap, has been made for this end-of-year. New relaxation boxes, gift cards and Christmas packs are available on the online store! Treat yourself and participate with us to the reduction of plastic in our oceans!

Your support also helps the associations we support. From June to December, we donated to the association Ailerons . A sponsor with our eco-friendly products on their scientific expedition in June to observe and better understand the behavior of mobula mobula rays, we decided to continue the adventure with them!

Active in numerous events, and having developed the Mediterranean shark and ray observatory network, their actions allow to expand knowledge and raise awareness among the general public. Indeed, these species are threatened by extinction due to various human actions: pollution, accidental catches, etc… It is important to act and to be better informed!

(c)Matthieu Lapinski

In January, a new association will benefit from your support through the sale of our products!

The Glokis project – valorizing a little-known plastic

With the arrival of Sabine Meneut as General Manager, and specialist in fishing net management since 2016, a new project has emerged. GLOKIS proposes to accompany the actors of fishing and sea for a better management of out of use fishing nets. Estimated by the study of PECHPROPRE at 800 kilos per year, per fisherman, this deposit poorly studied is recyclable by Fil & Fab since 2019. This Breton company has developed a new process for the regeneration of granulated nets – © NYLO. Totally innovative and unique, we have partnered with them in order to pool the skills of each one. This strength, allows us to offer the best solutions for the collection and recovery of our customers and partners. More details in a future article.

Port-de-Bouc, our new port of call

Supported by the city and in particular by the Department of Economic Development, we have put down our soaps and fishing nets in Port-de-Bouc! Close to the Occitania region and close to the sea, these new premises allow us to improve all our projects. We have thus, obtained, offices and a warehouse! Anchored in the landscape of the city, we wish to develop employment and create a new economy oriented towards the environment and the circular economy. In 2021, projects will see the light of day with Le Savon des Plongeurs, our digital tools and Glokis.

We would like to thank all of our partners, and our community who are committed to us every day.

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