Meeting of Objectif Atlantide and Click-Dive in Marseille

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Click-Dive met Daniel Méouchy in November and we wanted to highlight the actions of this association which has for many years presented educational events to young people to raise awareness of the world of the sea but also competitive and fun games diving whose reputation is second to none. In 2018, in May, the Philippines is offered an adventure in a completely new form. This new challenge, in Bohol, revolves around a real police investigation in the underwater world that Daniel told us about ...

This time, the team filled with imagination has concocted a real underwater police investigation! The event should be dated and Click-Dive intends to try to participate by proposing Brice and Isabelle. But before you too want to register we will let Daniel present this project.

The story begins with ...

"The beginning of the plot begins with a corpse ... This last floats not far from a beach and the first police findings inform us that it would be the body of a naturalist adventurer known for its activities of traffic related to underwater life.

Who was this man really? Why was he at Bohol? What happened ? To answer these questions the police force lack competent field investigators to investigate underwater. A real call for help to divers is launched: You are an autonomous diver, able to observe marine life? Join the investigative team to conduct the investigation under the sea!

You now know how this new adventure of Objectif Atlantis, which does not fail in its tradition, offers a contest around good humor and flock draw. "

At the heart of marine life in Cabilao

This very new event is planned for Cabilao in May 2018. The magnificent diving sites of this small island and its underwater wealth make it a true paradise for divers. Bohol and the Philippines are indeed the heart of the golden triangle of marine biodiversity: there are more marine species known than anywhere else in the world Daniel told us!

Between the familiar turtles, the schools of trevallies or Indian mackerel, the multicolored angelfish, but also innumerable species more discrete but amazing, it is possible to find everything that nature lovers would like to observe. Mimetic antennae and scorpionfish, tiny gobies of reefs, microscopic pygmy seahorses or polychromatic sea slugs compete with strangeness, and sometimes harmfulness, inventing all kinds of animals that could very well give bad ideas to malicious people. ..

Who will be crowned as the best team of investigators?

The goal of the game is to find the key to the riddle before the others! The challenge will put in competition several teams of divers made up of pairs. Depending on the suggested paths, it will be necessary to analyze and build hypotheses based on observations of marine life that will be made. The photos will also be recommended to record evidence and clues ...

If you enjoyed the treasure hunts of previous years you should love this stalking organized for the fun and pleasure of diving.

To participate we send you below the information necessary to be among the first to live a human adventure underwater police investigation. Many teams have already obtained sponsors for this edition and even the previous ones and the Objectif Atlantide team proposes to advise in the editing of the files. Financial or material support given the media impact already proven by the association are possible!

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