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Georges Pernoud, passionate about the marine world !

If there was one person who had understood this intertwined, strong and primordial link between the Sea and Men, it was Georges Pernoud. This passionate journalist was one of those who passed on to us his love and passion for the sea. Since 1975, from generation to generation, many of us have followed his adventures… Keep Reading

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Click-Dive 2020 year in review

Despite the health crisis, the gloomy atmosphere and the lack of human contact, we were able to adjust and bounce back! Many changes have taken place during this particular year of 2020, however we still have some great announcements to make! Here’s a small summary of 2020 to close this year. Starting 2020 with signs… Keep Reading

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Fred Scamaroni, fate of a resistance fighter and a ferry

Many diving aficionados go to this blue world to discover remains, wrecks, souvenirs from a distant era. These places, often steeped in history, are also great artificial reefs for the development of fauna and flora. These places are very popular by photography enthusiasts. The story of Fred Scamaroni Before we start our story on this… Keep Reading

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Interview with Matthieu Lapinski, ecologist and president of the Ailerons Association

From June to December 2020, we supported in two formats, the Ailerons association. The first, and which made it possible to launch the partnership, was the scientific expedition they led off Corsica. The goal of this week-long trip? Observe, understand, and place tags on Mobula mobula rays. Obviously, within the Click-Dive team, when Benoit Verdeille,… Keep Reading

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The Brown Grouper, treasure of the Mediterranean

Did you know that the Mediterranean is a biodiversity hotspot? Representing in surface area 0.82% of the world’s oceans, the Mediterranean sea is home to 9% of the world’s biodiversity. Diving in the Mediterranean sea means having the chance to meet a Mobula ray, a Mola mola, a Blue Skin shark including the possibility to… Keep Reading

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