The myth of the Fontaine de Vaucluse

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Fontaine de Vaucluse is a place known worldwide for its resurgence (source of water) Vauclusienne coming from the whole massif of Mount Ventoux and emerging at the foot of a cliff. The beauty of its basin leaves no one indifferent. In winter the flow impresses and demonstrates the phenomenal power of nature, in summer the level of the water descends several meters and the river is fed by underground conduits emerging in the scree down 40m. The history of this siphon in addition to its geological characteristics is particular. The famous fountain has long intrigued the Men since signs of offerings were discovered in the early 2000s, about 1800 Roman pieces of gold and bronze. The underground diving also started in these places with Ottonelli in 1878 which had descended until 23m equipped with his diving suit with heavy feet. The wreckage of his metal boat that had sunk is still present under water at 20m depth. Commandant Cousteau and his team and the COMEX have also worked to try to discover the bottom of this gigantic hole. Numerous diving records were then chained until the late 90s. Unfortunately the risks increasing with depth a drama occurred during a deep dive. In the end it is a self-contained submarine robot (ROV) specially developed for speleology that arrived at the end of this vertical at 315m depth.

Then the blocks rising with the power of the current stopped any continuation at the level of a horizontal shrinkage.
Discovering the fountain of Vaucluse is a very pleasant experience, especially during the summer season, enjoying the freshness on the banks of the Sorgue river. It should be noted that this sensitive site is subject to prohibitions to dive except for special derogations but it is possible to discover what the first third of the immersed part looks like thanks to the work of the Speleological Society of Fontaine de Vaucluse and the photographer Christoph Gerigk By clicking on this link You can make a virtual tour as if you were there!

The Click-Dive team, a dedicated diving booking site, wishes you a wonderful dive.

Brice MASI

Pictures by members of the SSFV.



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