Plongeur photographiant des poissons

An exotic dive in the heart of Belgium

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Plongeur photographiant des poissons

During my last cruise on the Jakaré boat in Papua, I’ve met Jean-Marc Claes, Belgian manager of “Dirty Divers” brand, present for a long time at the Paris International Diving Show. He works closely with TODI and advised me to dive there.

Created in 2016, TODI is an unsual place for diving located in Beringen, Belgium, at 160 kilometres in car from Mauberge and 200 kilometres from Lille.

A unique location

What makes TODI unique is overall its location: an old mine rehabilited as a leisure center, specialized in scuba diving. We can validate diving certifications and practice also freediving or snorkelling.

photo de présentation du bassin de plongée chez Todi

And for those who have doubts, out of question to dive into an old flooded mine! The particularity of this basin, about thirty meters wide and ten meters deep, is that it contains 2200 fish, not very shy, of 28 different species, evolving into 6 500 000 liters of fresh water at 23°C.

In the middle of tropical fish !

In all theses species you can observe tropical fish up to 1 meter long, from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Malawi, Amazonia or from Mekong such as Cichilds, Tilapias, Arowanas, Mainganos, Pangasius, Plecos, Ocars or others…

All of this in an original setting with tunnels, trees and 2 submerged car wrecks.

Photo de plongeuse au milieu des poissons

For hygiene reasons for fish, you can’t immerse yourself with your own BCD, tank, regulator, weight, dry suit, slippers and booties. The cost of the equipment rental should therefore be taken into account in its budget. The price of 49 euros per dive includes loan of all the equipment (mainly Mares brand equipment) and it is possible to stay there for two hours safely.

A real place of welcoming

Regarding the launch, it is relatively easy. After getting dressed in spacious changing rooms where all sizes are available, we go through ladders and platforms. Before and after any immersion, there is a mandatory washing and rinsing of the equipment facilitated by huge bins. 

Before and after the dive, we can eat inside or on the outdoor terrace, if the weather allows and there are caring staffs.

All indications (signs, information…) are in Flemish but the employees of the establishment speak English and French so no worries to have.

Image de banc de poissons tropicaux

Combine diving and culture

Traveling to Beringen is an occasion to dive but also to visit the city and especially, the Flemish Mining Museum next door.


be-MINE 1
BE 3582 Beringen
+ 32 11 36 40 40

Text and pictures by Henri ESKENAZI

English translation by Ael Le Fur



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